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About NOB-A The Nautical Club of Volos, known initially as NOV and later with the merge of the Argonaftes as NOB-A, is a historical nautical club with continuous action and continuous distinctions. Dominated by the element of water, offshore and inland –

swimming schools and swimming pools, NOB-A is synonymous with terms such as swimming and rowing, sailing and canoeing – kayaking, diving and synchronized swimming but also technical swimming and standing rowing sport better known as S.U.P. (Stand up Paddle). The group was founded in 1932, based on the principles of ”ευ αγωνίζεσθαι” in Greek which means “fair play” and noble rivalry. All these years, its athletes with values

, ethos and high athletic ideals, have achieved great Pan-Hellenic, Pan-European and World distinctions and have made the group one of the most important Associations in Greece and the First in the city of Volos. The Nautical Club of Volos operates with continuous sports and social activities, giving

substantial physical and mental support to children and young people and substantial engagement to coaches and specialized sports agents. Nautical Club of Volos actively participates in events of special and general interest, actively participating in the promotion of the city of Volos and Magnesia, while at the same time representing the country worthily in International and World sports competitions. The Nautical Club of Volos, actively supports sports by supporting the continuous improvement of body and mind, while highlighting the abilities and skills of athletes, serving the saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Venue map, Facilities and stores

The club is designed for sailing and many other sports, with a large boat park in between the main clubhouse and beach, plenty of hoses, showers, and areas to hang out before and after sailing. The club’s bar and restaurant are very popular during events, with spectacular sunsets. The restaurant offers a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine , with the ability to cater to special dietary needs on request.  

Restaurant and café (open from 07:30 to 03:00)

  • Large open-air with tables and seating for 550.
  • Professional kitchen serving at reasonable prices, and bar. Staff are proficient at catering to special dietary needs as well.
  • Facilities are checked throughout the day to ensure hygiene.
  • Wifi available throughout the property.
  • Live streaming of the races for the visitors

Rowing House 

  • Gym for the athletes to train
  • Medical Center will be available during the venue with first aid team (nearest hospital 0,5km away).
  • Twelve showers
  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms

Building 1

  • Large airconditioned race office and meeting / jury hearing rooms.
  • Private media / jury / scoring / other office space in airconditioned.
  • Reception and club office with full time staff available to assist on request.

Preserver for Athletes

  • Three multi sailing stores
  • Exclusive sailing Zhik store
  • Exclusive Yeti store
  • Souvenir store & World event 2023 ilca 4 store
  • Greek Cantina Souvlaki and Gyros
  • Car parking space
  • Electric vehicle charging station

Other Facilities 

  • Dining area for the athletes

Sailing Building

  • Weather Station
  • Race Committee office
  • Chairman of the Race

Racing Location , weather conditions, tidal conditions

Race area is in Pagasitikos Gulf in front of Anavros Volos with typical Greek Summer weather conditions. Sea breeze from south east direction starts every day from 11.00 and hold an average of 11 knots until late in the afternoon. Many times, the velocity reaching 17 to 18 knots from 14.00 to 19.00 in a steady south easterly direction.   There are no tides or current around the race area specially during the summer time. Nautical Club of Volos has a big venue including two ramps for launching the boats and two small beaches inside the area. Also, exactly next to it there is a big sandy beach of Anavros. in the middle of the venue there is a bar- restaurant owned by the Club which will be used for the needs of the championship.

Where to stay

The hotels that are co-operating with the event will be announced on October 31rst and will have better prices and privileges such as:

  • Free transportation from the hotel to the event area
  • Help desk 24/7
  • Screens with live streaming of the races and then review of the match, objections, postponements, results and live information for the venue
  • Breakfast appropriate for athletes
  • Safety recommendation of the Club

Around Volos

  • Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos
  • The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas
  • Entomological Museum of Volos
  • Palia District
  • Nicholas Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Church of Saints Constantine and Helena
  • Museum of the City of Volos
  • Agiou Konstantinou Park
  • Lake Karla

Exploring Pelion

Pelion is one of Greece’s popular mountain. Its lovely to visit in summer and in winter. It has many small traditional villages that take your breath. The most popular mountainous villages are Makrinitsa, Portaria, Milies, Zagora, Tsagarada and some great seaside villages such as Agios Ioannis, Chorefto, Ntamouchari and many other are definitely a must to visit. Pelion also haw a ski resort which haw the view of two seas, the Aegean and the Pagasitiko.


Nautical Club of Volos (NOV-A)

Αkti ΝΟΒ, Volos 38221

Tel: 2421 020376

Mail: [email protected]

For Athletes, Coaches and Teams contact

[email protected]



Ακτή ΝΟΒ, Άναυρος, Βόλος 38221
2421 020376


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